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So what is MappiHour?

Well if you’re looking for a Happy Hour (or two) then you’re in the right place! We are the only place you can find happy hours in action at the very time you search but then also browse the entire Happy Hour selection for future planning. What are you waiting for?!

I’m confused…I can’t find you on the app store!

Of course you can’t! MappiHour is not an app but a website that is free to use on both your mobile AND desktop! We don’t want to limit your happy hour finding skills to just your mobile, how on Earth would you start searching from the safety of your desk without your boss seeing your happy hour plans eh?

How do I get my happy hour listed?

Well that’s pretty darn simple! Getting your happy hour listed is a 100% pain-free process. All we need from you is a completed MappiHour registration form which you can find on our registration page here

What does it cost?

Everyone’s goal is to get more thirsty punters into new bars, so we keep the website absolutely free to use for the public. For a venue to sign up, there is a small monthly fee of £7 PCM to cover admin and periodic social shouts. By charging this small amount for being involved, it enables us to keep the information and the quality of the website at the level that users require to use the service regularly.

To keep things simple, there is a 10% discount for a venue to sign up for a year – which is an annual payment of £75.

If you wanted a little more TLC than the other bars then sure! We can talk about sponsoring area pages or additional social media discussion to suit your requirements which you can discuss with our Operations Director Jess by emailing [email protected] After that, you just have to watch the punters rolling in…

How do you keep up to date?

Well that’s easy. We’re a friendly bunch here at MappiHour and so once you’ve taken the leap and listed your venue with us, you will have a dedicated account manager who will be on standby to make any changes to the details we have for you as and when they occur.

So what are the benefits of listing our Happy Hour with you?

Our main objective is to get you noticed and to tempt people through your door by using your existing promotions and your venue’s best features as a killer combination, supercharging your Happy Hour. You’ll be discovered for your venue details, by direct search, leading to new habits and positive noise from your market. The Happy Hour is simply the detail that gets people through the door.

With MappiHour not only do you get your venue listed and visible to all who search your terms but you will also be welcomed into the MappiHour family with your own dedicated social media mentions. As we said, there are further packages you can take advantage of further down the line or straight away if you so wish…
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