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Our top 5 Happy Hours for beerAugust 16

Bored of knocking back the cocktails?
Time for a pint.

People tend to associate Happy Hours with the fancy drinks, but the experts at MappiHour HQ know better. Nothing beats a quick pint after work, or pretty much any occasion, so in honour of the amber nectar, here are our top 5 Happy Hours for beer summer/autumn of 16. Enjoy.


Trapeze Bar

1. Trapeze Bar - Shoreditch

Tues-Sat | 5pm-8pm

It wouldn't be Shoreditch if a bar didn't have an element of creativity, and Trapeze Bar doesn't disappoint. This circus-themed bar feels like a set from your favourite fantasy movie, and as the night goes on, you won't want to leave back to reality.

From Tuesday to Saturday, you can pick up a beer for just £2.50 - a price that takes us back to student night in the noughties. If the thought of half-price beers on a Friday and Saturday evening doesn't convince you, then maybe the underground club area pumping out House and Deep Disco will.

We recommend loading up at the bar, then wandering downstairs for a boogie in this eccentric experience of a bar.

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Simmons Bar Camden MappiHour

2. Simmons Bar - Camden

Sun-Fri | 4pm-9pm

It would be impossible to miss the infamous Simmons Bar Happy Hour off a best-of list, and the Camden offering will not disappoint London's beer fans.

Thirsty patrons can take a break from treading Amy Winehouse's footsteps and pick up a beer for just £2.50. Unheard of Camden!

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Roxy Bar - MappiHour

3. Roxy - Fitzrovia

Sat | 6.30pm-10.30pm

For most Londoners, the mere thought of Oxford Street on a Saturday will leave you needing a drink.

We advise taking a short stroll to the too-cool-for-school bar/club Roxy in Fitzrovia, where there are half-price deals across the board.

Pick up a stool on a Saturday evening and enjoy 2 for 1 beers until 10.30. Make sure you have somewhere to drop the shopping bags, as we predict that you'll be stepping down to the basement club area before long. Unbelievable.

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Chelsea Pensioner

4. Chelsea Pensioner - Chelsea

Mon-Fri | 4pm-9pm

Taking the party out of Central London, renowned Chelsea boozer 'The Pensioner' brings unbeatable value to Fancy Town.

Popular with Chelsea fans and locals alike, the Pensioner is an excellent venue in a prime location. Throw in bottles for £2.90 and you've got a great mid-week beer for the lads.

Pssst, they also offer eye-watering prices on wine and cocktails...

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Zebrano City of London MappiHour

5. Zebrano - City of London

Mon-Fri | 5pm-8pm

For you City slickers, Zebrano are offering one of the most generous Happy Hours of all. This classy drink lounge may have all the qualifications in Cocktail mixing, but step in from 5pm till 8pm on a weeknight and enjoy a huge 50% off selected beer. Perfect for after work.

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